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Youth Job Training

Summer Youth Job Training Program is a comprehensive and holistic approach to empower an uplift, young individuals facing challenges. By providing a supportive and nurturing environment, offering personal and skill development opportunities and promote an educational, and career success the program aims to inspire you to rise above adversity and reach their full potential through their participation in the program youth, are equipped with the tools and mindset to overcome challenges, pursue their dreams and make positive contributes to their communities.

In addition to the valuable skills gained, participating in activities like the Atlanta Community Food Bank it allows the youth to witness the impact they can have on the lives of others. It helps foster empathy, compassion, and a sense of social responsibility. Overall, combining team building activities with our SYJTP is an excellent way to provide youth with practical experiences that contribute to their personal growth and prepare them for success in life.

Mock Interview 

Mock interviews provide many benefits and help them prepare for real job interviews. They are able to build confidence, practice communication skills, help them develop critical thinking and understand the interview process. This will help them identifying the areas of improvements.  

AND STILL, I RISE Youth Service

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